one direction fanfic (my best firends-step sister)

Hey, first fanfic ever, let me know if you like it :D #NOHATE xx based on real life and made up stuff :D


It feels so good to be back in the UK for more than a day at a time, dont get me wrong, i love what i do and i love my 4 best friends that i get to tour the world with. The only thing i miss is home, i miss my 4 sisters and i miss my mum. Sometimes i worry about her, shes on her own a lot and i imagine 2 teenage girls and 2 under 10 is difficult work.

I was waiting on my breakfast, it sounds really bad that i knew my mum was slaving away in the kitchen but i couldnt be bothered getting up, after all Jeremy Kyle was on the telly! i would just go through when she shouted and pretend i was surprised, the usual lazy me.

"Girls, Louis!! Breakfast’s ready!!" my mum yelled, hmm quicker than expected.

I strolled through into the kitchen and sat at the table following my usual routine.

"I didnt realise you were cooking or i would have helped" I sneakily stated.

"Dont worry about it love, you need a rest anyway" thats my mum always the good samaritan. This is why I feel so bad leaving her all the time, she’s always to good to me, since my dad left she’s been good to everyone but herself to be honest, she never stops!

Seconds later my 4 sisters joined us at the table, lottie, fizzy, daisy and phoebe and we started munching until my mother interuppted us.

"I have some news"

"What, What is it?!!" Daisy yelled.

"I’ve been meeting up with someone and i really like them, i was hoping that you guys would like to meet him for dinner tonight" she blurted out as quick as possible.

"what!? Mum thats excellent!" i would be happy if there was someone to look after her while i was away, if he was decent that is.

"Than you dear, we’ve been dating for a few months now, i just didnt want ot tell you if i didn’t think it was going anywhere"

"Does he have any children?" phoebe asked enthusiastically

"He does, two daughters….Grace is 11 and Ellis is 17" ………more girls i thought !! im always outnumbered, I need some sort of boy company. Good job I have the lads!

"Can we meet them?" lottie asked

"All going well they should be over tonight for dinner, i havent met the girls yet so i cant say what there like mind you!" my mum said cautously

"I’m sure they’ll be lovely" I chirped.

"Yes, although i’ve heard Ellis can be a bit of a handfull" my mum sniggered.

Fair to say i was looking forward to this evening, i love my family and if i gain 2 more sisters then it can only be a bonus!!! 

It’s fair to say my mother was already starting to clean the house from top to toe for them, I’m guessing I should probably help this time.


"GIrls i’ve got something i need to discuss with you" my dad shouted up the stairs to me and my sister Grace. I wonder how long i can stay up here before he goes mental at me. we shall see. I refreshed my facebook page to see various people posting about a party in Doncaster tonight for my friends, cousins 18th, of course i shall be attending, it’s not party when I’m not there! its fair to say i like to party, and maybee drink while im there, but hey who doesnt want to have a good time when your dad’s a strict business man, your sister is miss perfect and your mum deserted you when you were 10.

I would say i was pretty average looking, blonde, 5ft7, skinny(and only because I do dancing and athletics before you think I starve myself), but i get a lot of male attention so i guess i must be fairly pretty, i like it though it makes me feel loved. I better start looking out some clothse for later, its hard being popular i tell you! everything i do someone puts a picture on facebook of me so i try my best haha. You wouldnt think it but i am actually clever, i try fairly hard with homework, not so much at school because popular and clever don’t really mix, but I study at home, purley because im blonde, and dont want to be a bimbo.

"ELLIS, DOWN, NOW!" thats my call

i sauntered into the livingroom and sat down, my dad looked fairly nervous, which made me suspicious.

"I’ve met someone, and i really like her" my dad gushed. WHAT?!!

"Thats brilliant daddy!" DADDY….of course daddys angel is happy about this, how can he do this?! what about my mum?!

"Ellis? Say something?" my dad questioned.

"What the Fuck do you want me to say?! that im happy for you because i most deffinetely am not!!!" i yelled.

"Language!! Just give them a chance! we’re going over for dinner tonight"

well i certainly will not be going anywhere

"Them?" Grace questioned

dont get me wrong i love grace to pieces but sometimes i wish she would side with me!

"Yes ‘Them’, you might know them actually, ‘Louis Tomlinson’ from One direction wring a bell?!"


"ahhh, really?!!!"

"Yes Gracie, and he has 4 sister which im sure youll get on really well with" my dad chirped

"I cant wait" she smiled and hugged my dad.

"i’m not coming" i said casually.

"i think you’ll find you are yound lady, you’ve been in enough trouble recently" my dad warned

he might be refering to the part where he found out i have been sneaking out at night for the past 3 years or the fact he knows that the virginity ship sailed a year ago, but hey take your pick!

"It’s bad enought that you’ve got yourself a new slag to hang with, but trying ot make me go to meet her son thats in a gay boyband and there possy is another thing!!" i yelled

"Dont you dare start Ellis Anna Lloyd"

full name and everything.

"Well, i shall not be attending….ADIOS" i yelled whilst running out the house.

who does he think he, i hate being told what to do!

i started to walk feeling satisfied that he wouldnt get me now, i was making my way to my best freinds house, Rebecca, she would give me clothes for tonight. One purpose for tonight and one purpose only! GET WRECKED

HEY!! thsi is my first fanfic ever! i dont kow if anyone will read it mind you, i know the spelling and grammer is crap but its a story line its never gonna be perfect :L i wont be writing anymore unless someone asks me to, so if on the off chance you want me to continue just shout ! :P tweet me if its easier @Ellis_1Dx



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